Why Make A Claim?

Some people, when they are negligently harmed by another, turn the other cheek and walk away, licking their wounds. In the end, this decision is often born out of frustration, despair, or a belief system tainted by years of insurance company and big business propaganda. For others, it is because of deeply held religious or philosophical beliefs.

Abraham Lincoln was a great trial lawyer — a fact now often overlooked. He represented ordinary people just like most of us, who had unfortunately suffered harm by the wrongful acts of another. He knew that our system was designed to be vigorously used — a “use it or lose it” system — and that, while far from perfect, is without dispute, civilization’s best answer for finding the truth, enforcing personal responsibility and restoring personal losses caused by others.

The idea of holding wrongdoers accountable for their personal responsibility — to pay for the damage they cause — is far from new, as many with an axe to grind would have us believe. This system of holding wrongdoers accountable and awarding damages to those harmed is more than 2,000 years old. Personal claims for damages find their origins, not only in ancient England but as you probably know, in the Bible.

By filing your claim, you will reaffirm your belief in our system that allows you to set the record straight and restore your losses. Thanks to our court’s rules and procedures, you will be on an equal footing with the big and powerful. And there is also an excellent chance you will help make future conduct or a product safer.

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