Attorney Referrals

At DeWitt Algorri & Algorri, we receive a significant portion of our case load through referrals from other attorneys. We pay competitive referral fees to lawyers in accordance with the California Rules of Professional Conduct. We accept cases on straight referral or work with attorneys who wish to continue to participate in the case.

There are numerous reasons why attorneys feel confident when referring clients to us.

  • We have more than 40 years of experience trying complicated and sophisticated cases.
  • Three of our attorneys are members of the American Board of Trial Advocates, an exclusive, invitation-only legal organization that promotes the preservation and education of the right to trial by jury.
  • We are able to commit the financial resources to work up cases completely.
  • Our team approach to working cases, including the extremely important jury selection process, provides a distinct advantage.
  • We have access to renowned medical professionals, accident reconstruction specialists and other highly regarded experts who can testify on your client’s behalf.
  • We have the resources to preserve key evidence such as wrecked cars.
  • Our reputation for taking cases to trial and winning allows us to maximize the value of each case.
  • We are highly skilled at negotiating medical liens, which can be more challenging and time-consuming than settling the underlying claim itself.

Attorney Referrals

If you have completed work on the case, we will ascertain the percentage of work performed to determine whether an increased fee over the standard referral fee is appropriate.

A number of attorneys make the mistake of holding on to a case too long before admitting they are in over their heads. It is important to emphasize that we prefer to get referrals early in the process so we can work them up thoroughly following our proven team approach. Optimizing a settlement or a jury verdict is difficult if we do not get the case early.

Often, we know the other side in a case and they know us. We reach full and fair settlements because of our reputation and our history of success in court.

We are proud of the longstanding relationships we have developed with law firms throughout California. We welcome your questions regarding our referral process.

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