Automatic braking systems a necessary safety feature

We’ve seen the commercials where parents are talking to their teens and the car automatically breaks when something stops suddenly in front of them. The risk of car accidents has increased due to drivers being glued to the cell phones and not paying attention to the road.

Distracted driving accounted 431,000 motor vehicle injuries in 2014, and that statistic doesn’t appear to be dropping. That may be why twenty automakers announced that in 2022 they will be rolling out cars and trucks with automatic braking systems as a standard feature.

Will distracted driving car accidents decrease?

Many models on the road now feature automatic braking systems as an option. Automatic braking systems have already shown to save lives. Specifically, the automatic braking systems were found to either significantly reduce the impact of a crash or prevent it altogether. This reality means fewer injuries and death due to car accidents caused by distracted driving or reckless driving.

How does the automatic braking system work? It involves two factors that work together simultaneously to prevent a crash:


  • Cameras, lasers, and radar work in combination with each other detecting a car stopping ahead of the driver which, in turn, sends a warning to them.The vehicle will apply the brakes and stop only if the driver isn’t responsive.
  • Automatic braking systems can help prevent serious accidents. It is likely that more vehicles will have this safety feature in the future, which is good news for everyone.


Until all vehicles have automatic braking, drivers of all ages need to be aware of the dangers of distracted driving and make a real effort to stay focused while driving. It only takes a few seconds of looking at your cell phone to become distracted and run into something in front of you. So, put down your phone and pay attention to the road before it’s too late.

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