The impact of traumatic brain injuries after an accident

The highway is full of semi-trucks. It is not uncommon for drivers to feel uneasy when driving near such big trucks, and for good reason. Truck accidents can be severe. A collision could result in you being seriously injured in a hospital room surrounded by your loved ones and struggling to remember what happened.

Everything you once knew as normal is gone as regular routines are replaced with therapy, and memories slowly return-if at all. Your new reality is being one of the many statistics of traumatic brain injuries who have to relearn everyday skills. This takes time and is very expensive for those living with TBIs and their families.

Living with a traumatic brain injury

The last thing family or friends want to hear is that their loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Over 1.5 million of these injuries occur annually, and they result in emergency care, hospitalization, and even death.

There are two types of traumatic brain injuries: opened and closed. An opened TBI is where the skull is fractured. A closed TBI is when there are internal head injuries. While some symptoms of traumatic brain injuries present themselves immediately, this may not always be the case. Under some circumstances, patients have reported experiencing dizziness, confusion, or memory impairment after the fact.

TBIs may require lifelong treatment and care. Individuals living with TBIs may not be able to return to work for a while, if at all. This can make it even more challenging to pay for medical expenses and long-term treatment.

What can you do if you or a loved one has suffered such a serious injury after a crash? It is important to understand your rights if you have suffered a serious head injury after a truck accident. A lawyer can help you discuss your legal options during recovery and help you develop a plan for your future.

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