Car accidents often cause head and back injuries

A car accident can cause many types of injuries to those involved, with some being more serious than others. Even when passengers wear a seat belt and are protected by advanced safety equipment, such as side impact airbags, the possibility of injury remains.

Head and back injuries are among the most serious injuries. Drivers as well as passengers can strike their head against windows, dashboards, seats and steering wheels. This can lead to a variety of trouble, including but not limited to concussions and traumatic brain injury.

Along with head injuries, back injuries can be a problem as well. For example, spinal cord injury can cause serious nerve damage. This can lead to a lack of sensation or movement in the arms, legs, hands, feet and other body parts.

A herniated disk is another common back injury. This is not as severe as spinal cord damage, but it can still cause a variety of problems, such as muscle weakness, arm and leg pain, and tingling sensations in the extremities.

Head and back injuries are common concerns in a motor vehicle accident. Along with other injuries, such as those to the chest, it is easy to see why any accident can soon turn into a very serious situation.

As a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle, be sure to take advantage of all safety equipment. Along with this, drivers should do their best to avoid an accident. If you are involved in an accident with another vehicle, don’t wait to be examined by a medical professional. Even if you don’t feel injured immediately following the accident, you should still be checked out.

Source: FindLaw, “Types of Car Accident Injuries,” accessed Sep. 09, 2015

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